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The Super Nintendo Mouse as my first mouse: Designing for fun from MarioPaint

The Super Nintendo Mouse was bundled with the video game entertainment system in the 1990’s, and was one of my first forays into technology. Think about it – a mouse in 1991. Most people didn’t have a computer in their … Continue reading

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Juggling Different Worlds – Another perspective

At GHC 2012, I was fortunate enough to be both a blogger and a panelist at this birds of a feather session, so my perspectives are a reflection of the discussions we had, from a panelist’s perspective. In summary, we … Continue reading

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10 women in 10 mins – GHC Wikipedia Editathon – Another Perspective

Wikipedia is the encyclopedia of information that you can edit and add to. Today, our job is to contribute to that information by adding and editing information on Wikipedia. The main phrase here is “Be bold!”, and for most of … Continue reading

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What do you want to get out of GHC 2012?

Yesterday between traveling, sightseeing at the inner harbor, and eating delicious crab cakes, I have been asking GHC attendees on what they wanted to get out of this conference. Here’s a quick summary of what I got: No expectations so … Continue reading

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I just got word last week that I am officially a blogger & note taker for the prestigous Grace Hopper’s Women in Computing 2012 conference. So not only am I a panelist there (Stop by our panel on the last … Continue reading

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How to disconnect youtube from gmail using Firefox and other browsers

I found a way to successfully keep my gmail logged in while keeping me persistently signed off to youtube. Here are my main reasons why politely requested this to google. But before you jump on this solution, here’s the caveat: … Continue reading

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Request to Google: Disconnect youtube from my gmail

Dear Google, I respect your triumphs and learn from your endeavors in Human-Computer Interaction. You also have many good friends of mine that I know you’re good taking care of. But I have one polite request from you: Please disconnect … Continue reading

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GHC Notes: Jo Miller Leadership and Branding Talk

I had the pleasure and luck to not only attended the Grace Hopper’s Celebration of Women in Computing 2011, but also I got a Hopper volunteer position and I volunteered at one of Jo Miller’s great workshops. So, below are … Continue reading

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Lessons for a professional through my oddball hobbies

I do arts and crafts. I also do informal scripted and improvisation acting. I do anything from elaborate costumes and props, to in-depth character study & period-specific costuming research. Those hobbies sound pretty far from what a computer scientist does, … Continue reading

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CHI 2011: Terry Winograd: Reflections on HCI

I’m reflecting on draft posts and writings that were left unpublished, and improving them to the quality to post and share with you all. This post along with another one were notes I took at CHI 2011, one of the … Continue reading

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